Everyone by now has been asked about whom they will support in this presidential election. But is this same interest given to local elections? As it stands, the media places such heavy emphasis on the big presidential election and makes sure to relay all the mudslinging, and scandals of this dog and pony show to invoke the people’s attentions and emotions. You don’t get that with the ones right in your own place of residence. Albeit they may not have as much corporate funds as your presidential hopefuls but the impact they will have on your life is just as great. They implement the policies that affect your livelihood or lack thereof. For example, the sheriff’s office runs the jail/court system, and sets the tone for policing in that area. It means the difference between having another Ferguson or a properly ran department. City council members also have influence over the way of life for the residence of the city it represents just as voting for who sits on the school board will influence the quality of education your child receives. These people and their decisions will have the first impact versus the decision of a president. This is why it is highly important that we give greater focus to what’s going on directly in our neighborhoods. At this point, we can’t afford not